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As a mom, I too have used every excuse of why NOT to be in a photograph. Can't find the right outfits. Don't have time. Need to loose a few extra pounds. As I am always behind a camera, I just don't feel comfortable in front of it.

This Christmas, I sat with my daughter, Amelia, and looked through my mom's Christmas photo albums. I shared stories of Christmases past, and she found it very amusing to see me, as well as, her aunt, uncle, Grammy and Grammy so young in age. After the albums were closed and all was quiet, I began thinking about that moment with her and questioned if she will have a moment similar with her own child one day. And, if she did what would she show her.

I started to think about the amount of pictures I have of her and how the number has dwindled since her first year of life. And the amount that we have together is few and far between...just a few quick and silly selfies. I quickly find myself wondering why...why didn't I take more? Because I couldn't find the perfect outfit??

How about you? Where do you stand on this subject?

Growing up did you enjoy looking at your parents in photographs? Your grandparents? Did you love to flip through old black and white images as a child?

If you as a mom, are in front of the camera taking family photos with your family, you girl, are a rockstar mom! But, if you are not, join me and let 2017 be the year to exist in photos. Stop being invisible and celebrate your family, your love and your accomplishments. Whether you are newly married without children or celebrating a milestone anniversary, it is not too late. Being in front of the camera is more than just taking a picture. You are creating and leaving a legacy which will be cherished beyond your years.

In 2017, I call for all moms to #existinphotos. No more waiting for the perfect outfits or needing to loose a few pounds, because if you really think about it, in your children's eyes, you are already perfect just the way you are.

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