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Lease Wedding | Outdoor Elegance

On a beautiful day in April, two families came together as one! A mom with her two beautiful girls and a dad with his perfect daughter and son, vowed their love not only for each other but for the new family created on that very day!

The elegant outdoor wedding took place in the couples backyard, which luckley dried out from the horrible Texas rain, and proved to be the perfect venue! As a custom home builder, the groom built the dance floor and archway. He also strung the lights which illuminated the area perfectly.

The day kicked off with the amazing Danielle Doyle from The Perfect Face doing what she does and makeup!

The vintage/country chic wedding was decoraged with light pinks, blues and lace which matched perfectly with the bride's beautiful dress.

Amanda Freeman Photography wedding pictures sugar land texas

The ceremony was of course perfect with her daughter and soon to be “bonus” daughter scattering rose petals down the aisle before she was escorted down by her soon to be “bonus” son!

Midway through the ceremony, the deacon, which happens to be the brides “bonus” mom, asks the couple's children to join her up front. As she sat with them, she talked about when she first meet the bride as a young girl. And how she never looked at her as step child....but as a BONUS child! She went on to tell the story about having bonus people in your life and how you should embrace and be happy that you not only have bonus moms and dad but also bonus siblings. Then at the end, she asked the audience to stand if they are a bonus child or mom and dad! To say the least, there was not a dry eye in the house. What a special and meaningful message!

Amanda Freeman Photography wedding pictures sugar land texas
Amanda Freeman Photography wedding pictures sugar land texas

The reception was kicked off with a couples dance and then a family Whip\Nae Nae fun is that! The evening was filled with adventure from fun music to cake cutting and even a Chinese Lantern. The night was perfect!

Amanda Freeman Photography wedding pictures sugar land texas
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lease! Thank you for allowing me to capture your perfect day!

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